Happy Clients

I had the best of intentions for our playroom after we moved into our new home. Life got in the way, and it never looked the way I wanted it to look. Enter Kielyn. She came in and took charge. TOOK. CHARGE. She managed to get my pack-rat children to give up some of their I-haven't-played-with-this-in-years toys, and we made the most of their generosity and threw away some things, too. After we knew what we had, it was time to orgaNICE it all. We took a trip to the store together, and she told me exactly what to do and buy. And she was honest about it. She also helped me assemble everything! By the time we were done, our family had a cute, organized playroom that fit our decor. I needed another pair of eyes to help see what I had and what I didn't. Little does Kielyn know that I'm already thinking ahead to our messy craft room...

I'd highly recommend OrgaNICE to anyone needing a little love in the organization department. 

- Jessica O. 


Kielyn worked her magic today and I couldn't be more delighted!  She makes it easy to shed what I no longer need.  We had fun doing it, too!

- Claudia S.



Kielyn has totally changed and improved my office workflow.  Not only did she prioritize and clean my office, she identified key habits of my work and developed systems that worked with my style rather than trying to teach an old dog to do new tricks.   Now it’s easy for me to keep on track and if I don’t she is always there for refreshers.   She didn’t just organize my office, she understood how I work to develop systems that compliment my workflow to keep organized. Kielyn is the best.  

- Tom H.


I hired Kielyn to help me organize my bedroom closet and kitchen cabinets. My expectations were blown away. What I thought would take days took Kielyn a couple hours. She took time to go through my clothes, find an organizing system that worked for me, and made my closet sustainably organized. I hired her back in September but wanted to wait to write a review to see if it actually would work...well now, four months later, my closet is clean and organized. As for my kitchen, she worked with the space I had and made personalized suggestions for organizing tools. She took on (the worst part for me) the job of finding all the tools I needed within my budget. I didn't even know half the things she found existed! Overall, Kielyn honestly changed my home life and I would pay her double what she asks for what you get and how quickly she does it. Clothes are easy to put away and to find. Food in my pantry, pots/pans/lids (!), and utensils are all easy to find and have a home.
Bottom line: you won't regret it!!

- Maddy G.

Closet and Kitchen

I highly recommend OrgaNice! No matter how many times I clean and organize my kitchen, it never stays that way. Kielyn helped me reorganize in a new, way more functional, and organized way. I'm actually amazed how much space I actually have in my small kitchen when it's organized well! Thanks so much!!!

- Laura W.


Kielyn has a great eye for helping sort and organize clutter that really complemented my usually-organized self. With a recent move, new baby due in three weeks, and chasing after a toddler, I had little energy and motivation to get things organized. I appreciate that she will utilize what you already have (vs recommending you buy more stuff to organize your stuff), ask for your input on systems that are sustainable for you, and not just “Marie Kondo” your place (which does not resonate with me). In just a few visits, she was able to help me get our laundry/mudroom in order, organize kid/baby toys, set up the baby’s room and two play areas, organize the pantry, and I’m just over the moon. I don’t think this would have happened without her help, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!

- Angela O.

 Unpacking Home

You don't know how much stress you took off my shoulders.  The kitchen and living room are completely clear now, and I like that I have an organized space for my things.

- James F.

Full Condo, Post Move

My husband and I moved to Minneapolis-from Kentucky- in August. We have two young children and, from the second we got to MN, we lost sight of organizing. Most importantly we were having difficulty FINDING important documents. I called Kielyn to specifically help with my office. Papers everywhere, important docs in the same drawer and kid crafts, you name it. And during the course of one afternoon, we not only transformed the office, but we had also organized my entire kitchen. I am amazed at how easily our family can maintain the structures OrgaNice helped me to implement. My kids are cleaning, my mail is organized, life is good. I would highly recommend Organice to anyone!

- Kirsten M.

Kitchen and Office

Highly recommend this wonderful service! This could benefit everyone! Kielyn makes this experience better than I could have imagined! We really had fun and the aftermath is fantastic!

- Melody M.

Full Home Transformation

I can't fully put into words how amazing Kielyn is. I hired her to organize my home office and within 3 hours it was like a new room. Not only did she find a place for everything (day job, side hustle, and home stuff), she took the time to understand my needs and goals. She checked in with me throughout the process to ensure what she was doing would actually work for me. As a result, I feel much more confident that I will maintain it. And as crazy as this may sound, there is actually a part of the room that makes me happy when looking at it now - something I didn't expect to happen (after all, it is just a home office :)).

I highly recommend her - you won't regret it!

- Amy L.

Home Office

Working with Kielyn was amazing. She helped me develop an organizational system for my clothes and she helped me get my office back on track. She was very professional and kind. I really appreciated the life hacks that she shared that I would have never thought of on my own. I think everyone could benefit from this service. Kielyn certainly deserves 5 stars!

- Jenni W.

Spare Room

A session with OrgaNice leaves you with so much more than organized “stuff”. Kielyn is focused on HOW you live and on helping you create a system that will work for you and your family- not just for today, but for the long run. She asks a lot of questions about your goals for the space and your family’s habits, and then she comes up with solutions that work! Her work resulted in a much more beautiful and functional space, and also left me feeling empowered with momentum to tackle some other projects that have been looming over my head for years. Do yourself a favor and schedule a session with OrgaNice!

- Megan J.