Services for Moms and Families

Kielyn, OrgaNice Founder and Professional Organizer, with her daughter Aily Joanne

Pre-Baby Crash Course Organizing Session

Create a functional kitchen, organize your nursery, pack your diaper bag - whatever you need to feel truly ready for your little one!  

Baby's Here - Now What? Organizing Session

The first few months after baby arrives are full of highs and lows.  If you're struggling to balance baby, home and sanity, invite OrgaNice in to help you stack your deck towards success!  This can include organizing in any room or area of the house, along with coaching and lots of support from another mom who gets it.  

Boppies, Diapers, Clothes - Oh, My! Organizing Session

If you haven't noticed, babies come with a LOT of stuff.  It can be overwhelming to balance having what you need with keeping a house that isn't fully taken over by "kid stuff."  Let me help you bring order to the madness!  Sorting clothes, organizing toy rooms, creating functional closets - the list is endless.

Baby #1 Was Fun, How About #2? Organizing Session

If you're on the way to an expanding family, let OrgaNice help you prepare.  What to keep, what to have on hand, and how to streamline your household to make things as easy as possible for your new family of four (or more)!

Packages Available

OrgaNice Gift Certificates make a great gift for the mom in your life - give her the gift of organization and support from a fellow mom!  Please see Pricing tab for more information.